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The Henry Cavill Superman Training Basics

henry cavill superman workout As Henry Cavill gets ready to play Superman in the new movie “Man Of Steel,” people are wondering how he was able to truly change his body. Though most men are not looking to really look like superman, there is definitely nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel better.

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The Henry Cavill Superman training would last about 2 and half hours and thought that may sound like a lot, it was only possible because of his amazing diet that consisted of almost 5,000 calories. When you think about those two aspects, working out and eating a lot, you will realize that those are two of the most important things needed to be able to gain muscle and look like a smaller version of the man of steel.

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Henry Cavill Ultimate Superman Workout

With the new Superman – Man of Steel movie coming out very very shortly.
We will no doubt see the transformation that Henry Cavill has gone through to get that bulked up look.

You can see him doing some exercices here:

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Henry Cavill Superman Workout Exercises

Exposed! Henry Cavill his SuperMan Workout Exercises

Training or making a Superman is not an easy task. It takes months of preparation, training and discipline from the actor, in this case Henry. Henry was already in a fit condition due to previous movies but with Superman he needed to be more cut and cut to be that “Man of Steel” that we want him to be.

Henry Superman Workout

Having kettlebells incorporated in your routine makes your routine just that little but more versatile for a complete body workout.

Kettlebells are great to train multiple muscle groups while training with just ordinary dumbells which can be a bit bulky at some exercies.

Dumbells are great to train a specific muscle group so don’t throw out your set at home yet.

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The Henry Cavill Workout for Immortals

Henry Cavill, the latest addition to celebrities with an amazing physique.

The henry Cavill workout for Immortals was a great transformation and made many man desire the same body.. and many women adoring Henry Cavill for it.

His workout is not like other muscle building workouts you have seen as you can see from the image to the left he has not been bulking up a lot of muscle.

In his Immortals workout, Henry Cavill shows the lean physique but yet the muscles do shine through and when he flexes the muscles really pop out.

As you can see from the left, his body fat % is very low which makes any increase in muscle a lot more visible which again helps for this great on-screen performance.

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The Henry Cavill Diet and Nutrition Workout

Henry Cavill Workout Immortals

For his role in Immortals

When it comes to trying to look like Superman, you most likely will have no idea what it really takes to look just like him when it comes to body structure. Henry Cavill was lucky enough to be chosen to play the role of the “Man of Steel” and he says that it was definitely not easy to obtain that body. The 28 year old admits that it took a lot of hard work and most people are curious as to how he was able to achieve a body like his. Though you may not end up looking like Clark Kent, here is an in-depth look at the Henry Cavill Diet and Nutrition plan and his workouts.

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Superman Eats, And He Eats A Lot

Henry Cavill said the he eats about 5,000 calories a day and admits to working about 2 and a half hours a day. His diet will most likely not be like everyone else’s simply because of the amount of food that he consumes. This is almost three times as much as an average male and after all, he is Superman. He also needed to gain mass and muscle after the movie Immortals where he played a role of a more cut character.

These 5,000 calories came mostly from lean meats like chicken and tuna as these are the “cleanest” forms of protein a person can eat while still reducing fat gain. Eating white meat is a great way to get your protein needs and still not worry about gaining excess fat. Though it is inevitable that you will be gaining some fat during the process, eating a strict diet is definitely going to help you gain muscle and still minimize muscle gain.

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The Henry Cavill Diet and Nutrition meal plan also does not neglect healthy carbs as his workouts are extremely tiring and he will need to replenish his glycogen stores after his intense marathons. Fruits and vegetables also play a big role in any weight lifting program because they will give you the best natural nutrients and at the same time they taste very good. Though many people believe that whey protein is mandatory, it is often a better idea to just receive your protein naturally through white meats and fish.

Don’t Lift The Same Weights

Most people will get used to lifting the same weights all the time and this does not force your body to want to adapt. Cavill admits to working out 2 and a half hours everyday and will challenge his body to either lift more weight compared to last time or lift for more reps. This is called progression and should be the main focus of any workout program because essentially the best way to gain muscle is to get stronger. Once you start to lift more weights with compound lifts, you will start to see your body change before your eyes.

Henry Cavill WorkoutHenry Cavill worked hard everyday and needed all the 5,000 calories that he ate everyday to be able to transform his body. One of the most important things to think about when trying to change your body composition is rest and sleep as these are the only times when your body will be growing. Those 2 and a half hour workouts were built to tear his muscles apart and it is when he rests that those muscles begin to grow stronger and bigger.

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Henry Cavill definitely worked hard to receive the body that he has now but you certainly do not have to go through the extremes to change your life. 3 workouts a week and 3,000 calories a day will be enough to have you change your body withing a few months.